Three Areas of Focus

The Mercy Project has THREE important areas of focus:


Clearly, rescue and advocacy for children who are being trafficked are essential issues to be addressed within our communities. But the Mercy Project Colorado is focused on the work that takes place after rescue has occurred. Through prayer and financial resources, churches and individuals can partner with The Mercy Project in several ways that will provide practical assistance and restoration processes needed to address the emotional, social, and spiritual needs of those coming out of trafficking.  We are seeking individuals, organizations and congregations who want to participate in the restoration aspect of ending the horror of sex-trafficking.


The Mercy Project Colorado has several systems of accountability in place.  We work hard to provide financial and relational accountability to all donors and participants working with us.  Individuals are given regular and updated developments that are a direct result of their giving, and are also invited to participate in conferences  and activities hosted by The Mercy Project Colorado and staff members in various locations of need.   All persons employed by the Mercy Project Colorado are required to undergo an extensive background check before working with our organization.


Although individual giving and participation will vary, our focus is on action.  We seek to identify areas where we can encourage and assist those who work tirelessly each day with some of the most desperate children in the world, and seek to identify individuals, groups and congregations who can help us establish a comprehensive and effective Colorado facility that will provide care for girls who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation (CSE).