Three Characteristics

1.  Restoration. The Mercy Project Colorado is looking for individuals and organizations who have a great heart for children and a passion for issues of justice and restoration. Although many justice-minded ministries focus on rescue of and advocacy for children who have been trafficked (we support them!), The Mercy Project Colorado is focused on the restoration of these children, and places its priorities on the the work of healing and transforming those who have already been rescued.  We focus on restoring rescued children who now need assistance in facing a new life.

2.  Training and Accountability. Many individuals participate with The Mercy Project Colorado through prayer and personal giving to our organization.  We make sure these individuals are kept current regarding the use of their gifts and offer opportunities for specific projects for participation.

We  also work to provide awareness regarding sex trafficking and care for victims who have been rescued. We can work closely with church congregations to assist them in designing an appropriate template of events and activities for this kind of ministry, and work to remain current on educational and training opportunities for this kind of work.

3.  Consistent and Appropriate Action. The Mercy Project Colorado Board of Directors continually seeks to identify, support and encourage organizations and individuals who work in the restoration aspects of children coming from a sex-trafficking experience.   Because of the many issues revolving around trafficking and the damage that has been done to these children, it is essential that participants have a clear understanding that the majority of our work is often directed toward the caregivers of these children.  Our actions must be consistent, and they must also be appropriate and sensitive to the needs of a particular individual and organization offering restoration to victims.

NOTE:  Participating in a Mercy Project partnership or activity is not a substitute for a loving, healthy home. But partnership can provide some assurances for the caregivers of these children — financially, emotionally, and educationally — freeing them up for greater service and devotion.  We seek to strengthen current facilities as places of protection, professional mentoring and counseling, as well as create a Colorado facility that will offer adequate medical and educational assistance within our State.

Along with other ministries of rescue and advocacy, The Mercy Project Colorado is a viable means to not only assist in the restoration process of healing, but also bring to an end the horrific practice of trafficking.