What Is The Mercy Project?

The Mercy Project Colorado is a privately funded 501c3 organization that works to provide safety, healing and hope for girls who have been forced into commercial sexual exploitation.

We do this by establishing faithful partnerships with safe houses and aftercare facilities to provide service and encouragement to these children.  By partnership with approved aftercare homes and facilities, individuals and congregation members are organized and trained to provide resources, encouragement, mentoring and other forms of healthy engagement to the staff working in caring facilities, and thereby assist in providing a curriculum of trauma based behavioral cognitive therapy needed for each child. Through a tailored and comprehensive program, staff members, trauma specialists and other caregivers experience sponsorship, community, encouragement and healthy relationships with individuals and caring organizations.

The Mercy Project Colorado also works with and supports individuals and organizations that provide restoration to girls who have been rescued from Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE). We partner with organizations and individuals who provide medical care, counseling, individualized attention, and other imporat aspects of restoration.