Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How can I support The Mercy Project?

The Mercy Project Colorado relies on the faithful giving of individuals who support this ministry.  We also tithe the gifts that we receive.  This way we honor the Lord and also assist other ministries that are working in this arena.  There are a number of specific need-based opportunities that are available to congregations, individuals, foundations and corporations.

2. How can my church/group/corporation be involved with the Mercy Project Colorado?

Through financial or practical partnership!  Based on discussions with your church or group we will work with you to identify a specific avenue of restoration ministry and  will work closely with you to develop an effective ministry program that will best meets your needs and the needs of these victims.

3.  How much does it cost to provide assistance in restoration?

On average, we have found that care for an American minor with trauma, medical and counseling needs from CSE is approximately $4000 per month, per girl.

4.  Can I attend Mercy Project fund raising and opportunities, even if my church is not participating in The Mercy Project?


5.  What kind of things are needed in restoring a victim of sex trafficking?

Although many organizations are trying to help people get out of the sex industry, rescuing people out of that situation is only the beginning.  Many women and children have been in the sex industry for years, and that is the only life they know.  Aftercare is a time of healing and restoration to help survivors transition from the sex industry to a healthy life.  An aftercare facility or safe house can help children recover from trauma and begin to trust others.  Survivors can learn skills they may have never learned, receive professional counseling and medical care, and gather skills for leading a normal life.  Within an aftercare facility, residents can work toward a GED or equivalent, find financial support for continuing their education and provide occupational training and life-skills workshops for the girls.  The Mercy Project Colorado envisions partnering with organizations so that girls can experience God’s healing love and develop into the person God intended.