Who are These Children and Where Have They Come From?

Posted by: on August 19, 2009

Below are excerpts from Rev. Timothy Jalam in India, who has taken a brothel and turned it into a school for women and children so they do not have to go further in the horrible world of trafficking….

These are a few of the children of former sex workers from the red light districts of Sangli and Miraj. Some of their mothers have died of HIV/AIDS, although five children in this group are living with the disease.

Girls whose mothers are sex workers are not given opportunity to go to school and are raised  generally to become sex workers themselves. In this location, the average age of a female child entering prostitution is 11.

“The main cause for prostitution is extreme poverty and illiteracy.  When a girl is sold and purchased, everything she has is taken away  –her development, her right to education, her right to livelihood and all rights to food, security and health.  These children grow up in an unsafe environment and they are regularly abused and exploited.  As they grow older, their right to get married is determined by their owners. If they get pregnant, the baby becomes the property of the owner or pimp.  As a result, it is very difficult for sex workers to escape. Because of early pregnancies and permanent damage to their reproductive health, they live life in bondage.”

“We currently have 30+ girls living in the Home of Hope, who are originally from a red light area.   Under the care of the Home of Hope, each girl is able to receive and enjoy the benefits of education so that they will have a brighter future.”

“We are very thankful to God, to the First Presbyterian Church in Boulder, Colorado, the Honorable Rev. Keith Vandegrift, Dr. and Mrs. Bedells and Dale and Anne Stetina who have played a major role to bringing positive change in the lives of these children as well as to the red light areas.”

Children are accepted in the Home of Hope without taking into consideration their backgrounds or culture.  They are accepted, cared for and transformed  within this loving community.

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